The Future Yours to Discover

October 28th – 31st, 2010
Science Museum, Tokyo. (

Mankind progresses by touching SORA, the sky
The environmental energy revolution begins in the sky.

Mankind developed civilization by exploring the mysteries of nature and the forces and rules that guide it.
Through this exploration of nature, science and technology has developed and has blossomed
into an industry that continually improves our daily life.

Now, scientists face the big questions: “What is the universe?” and “What is material?”
This research into the fundamentals of science has turned conventional wisdom on its head with new discoveries.
New technologies are playing a large role in many burgeoning industrial fields such as environmental energy.

The Earth is a beautiful planet floating in jet-black darkness.
It is the duty of science and technology to protect the future of this beautiful planet.
At SORAHAKU 2010, we focus on bringing to the public the advancements in science and
technology that will form the seeds of hope for the future.


1 Experience new discoveries through the connections between “Space and the Environment,” “Science and Industry,” and the “Present and Future.”

2 Stimulate your intellectual curiosity through easy to understand explanations and presentations of leading scientific technologies.

3 Listen to lectures by leading scientists and business leaders in the global community.

4 See, Listen, Feel and Think about the exciting possibilities of future technologies through various interactive events.

5 Enjoy edutainment programs for children or those who are unfamiliar with science and technology.

Astronomy and Environmental Energy -- they may seem to have nothing in common, but if you shift your point of view to that of the universe as a whole, you may soon realize that they are more closely related than they first appear.
SORAHAKU brings these two different fields of study together, to inspire curiosity, dreams and hopes in children, as well as introduce the public a new era of science and technology.

Message from the organizer

By observing the movement of the stars, ancient people were able to create calendars, and to establish agriculture,
forestry and fisheries, some of mankind’s oldest technologies.

400 years ago, the Galileo Galilei’s first celestial observation with a telescope started a moment which
brought about Newtonian mechanics, and the foundation of modern scientific theory.

These discoveries brought about an industrial revolution which in turn established a democratic
society as well as the birth of scientific methodology based on objective facts.

In that moment, people looked up the stars, and by solving so many of the mysteries of the world, opened the door to a new era.

Now, in the midst of global economic and environmental crises, we once again look up at the stars.

We are given new hope to establish an Environmental Energy industry through cutting-edge technologies
that once again can help us solve the mysteries of the universe.

SORAHAKU was held as the official event for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009, and focused
on the importance and appeal of science, and for the preservation of beautiful starry skies, as well as the environment of Earth.
This year SORAHAKU returns with the presentation of more sophisticated technologies, born from advanced
Japanese technologies, and the environmental energy industrial revolution.

Thank you very much for your understanding of our challenge, and for joining us this year.

SORAHAKU 2010 Management Office
NANO OPT Media, Inc.
CEO Hiroshi Fujiwara